Edentree launches new impact funds

EdenTree Investment Management has launched two new funds, an equity and a bond fund focused on a sustainable and low carbon economy.

The EdenTree Green Future Fund, which will be managed by Charlie Thomas, EdenTree’s CIO and fund manager Tom Fitzgerald will consist of a portfolio of between 40 and 60 companies that aims to provide investors with exposure to seven key themes running through the fund which will define the future economy: circular economy, future mobility alternative energy, water management energy efficiency, regenerative agriculture and environmental services.

Charlie Thomas, Chief Investment Officer, EdenTree, says: “Environmental and Sustainable investing has been my experience and passion for over 20 years. Launching the Green Future Fund is a natural extension, given the focus and expertise of EdenTree for nearly 35 years in responsible and sustainable investment. The Fund is built on a genuine and authentic approach to sustainable investment principles which are a central to EdenTree.

The EdenTree Global Impact Bond Fund aims to produce positive financial returns through responsible, sustainable and ethical fixed income instruments and will be co-managed by David Katimbo-Mugwanya, Senior Fund Manager, and Michael Sheehan, Fund Manager.

Investment decisions will integrate issuer level credit research for both ESG-labelled debt including sustainable bonds and for non-labelled debt. The fund will be benchmarked against the iBoxx Global Green, Social, Sustainability Index.

David Katimbo-Mugwanya, Senior Fund Manager, EdenTree, comments: “Central to this client solution is our philosophy that positive impact is of equal importance to financial returns. There is no need to sacrifice financial returns for sustainability credentials and this fund aims to deliver on both of these commitments.”