CaixaBank launches ESG advisory service

CaixaBank has launched a new ESG advisory service to help its clients in their sustainable strategies.

Through CaixaBank’s Corporate and Institutional Banking Structured Finance – Sustainable Finance Department, the ESG advisory service is designed to help customers develop a sustainability plan and adapt their finances to the specific needs of their decarbonisation strategy.

The service has been designed using an in-house methodology based on the guidelines of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and UNEP-FI. It provides an added value to customers, who can ascertain their level of ESG maturity, while providing guidance to help them improve their sustainability performance. The service analyses three areas of customer performance:

A personalised analysis of each customer’s sustainability strategy, commitments, and the degree of alignment with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Also defined are medium and long-term goals, which must be measurable and consistent with the company’s corporate strategy.

Using ESG agencies and ratings to analyse the customer’s visibility in those markets in which it is present or in which it could achieve visibility.

Evaluation if the company has incorporated ESG criteria into its financing decisions and defining a sustainable financing framework that integrates these ESG criteria into the financing policy and streamlines decision-making and access to capital.