Amundi unveils ESG Plan 2025

Amundi has announced their ESG Plan 2025, a new social and climate action plan for the next three years.

The Plan sets out the firm’s objectives for investment solutions for clients and its engagement policy with companies. ESG objectives will be included in the remuneration of its senior executives and it will also present its climate strategy to its shareholders.

The plans include a path towards decarbonisation based on three objectives: 1) to ensure that its savings solutions offering goes even further in terms of responsible investment, 2) to call upon more companies to define credible alignment strategies for the Net Zero 2050 objective and 3) to ensure the support of its employees and shareholders in its new ambitions.

For its savings and technology solutions, Amundi say they will commit to introducing a new environmental transition rating that assesses companies’ efforts in decarbonising their operations and the development of their sustainable activities, covering €400bn euros of actively managed open funds. As a result, portfolios will overweight those companies that have made the most efforts in their energy transition.

Also included in the plan, Amundi will:

  • Offer open funds in all asset classes with a Net Zero 2050 investment objective
  • Ensure that 40% of its range of passive funds is made up of ESG funds
  • Work with 1000 additional companies to define credible strategies for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, to vote at their annual general meetings and for management remuneration packages to be linked to these strategies
  • Take into account the level of achievement of these ESG objectives in the KPIs calculation of performance shares for our 200 senior executives
  • Reduce its own direct greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 30% (vs. 2018) per employee in 2025