Schroders joins natural capital alliance

Schroders has announced that it has joined the Natural Capital Investment Alliance.

The announcement, on day two of the COP26 World Leaders’ Summit in Glasgow, formed part of an event focussed on how action on forests and land-use can contribute to keeping the 1.5 temperature goal in focus and support sustainable livelihoods.

NCIA was created by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, as part of his Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) launched at Davos in 2020. Its members have plans to launch, or have launched, investment products aligned to Natural Capital themes. These encompass strategies such as direct investments in sustainable forestry and land management.

Earlier this year, Schroders and Oxford Sciences Innovation announced their investment into Natural Capital Research (NCR), focused on accelerating the development of NCR’s online platform to map natural capital assets globally. The SMI is a network of global CEOs working together to build prosperous and sustainable economies that generate long-term value through the balanced integration of natural, social, human and financial capital.

Earlier this year Schroders pledged its allegiance to the Terra Carta to build a sustainable, a new global business proposition launched by this Royal Highness The Price of Wales and founder of the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI).