Sweden tops sustainable competitiveness index

Sweden has topped the Solability Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2021.

The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index measures national development and green growth since 2012, based on 131 quantitative indicators derived from recognized international organisations to present a comprehensive view of a nation’s potential. The Indicators are grouped into the five pillars of a nation-economy:

  • Natural Capital Index
  • Resource Efficiency Index
  • Social Capital Index
  • Intellectual Capital & Innovation Index
  • Governance Performance Index Infrastructure, resource allocation, corruption, business and fiscal considerations

The highest sustainable competitiveness score achieved in 2021 is 62 by Sweden with the global average score being 45 out of a possible 100. Only two countries in the top 20 are not European: Japan at 13, and New Zealand at 14. China is ranked 32 and the USA 30.

Germany ranks 10, the UK 17. Brazil is 49, Russia 51, and India 130.