Verdant generates record tidal energy in US

US renewable energy producer Verdant Power says its NYC tidal power project has generated a record output for marine renewable energy production in the US.

The three turbines have exceeded energy output by 40%, generating over 275 MWh in eight months of operation, a record for marine renewable energy production in the United States.

The Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy Project is the first US commercially licensed tidal power project site and uses fifth-generation tidal turbines integrated with its TriFrame mounting system, which the company says is the next step to profitable commercial operations around the world. The project was independently confirmed over a 39-day test period by Scotland’s European Marine Energy Centre under the new International Electrotechnical Commission international standard.

According to John T. Banigan, Verdant Power Chairman and CEO: “This validated power performance will serve to underscore buyer, financial, and insurance confidence in Verdant Power’s tidal energy system.”