Abris Capital develops PE ESG scoring tool

Abris Capital has developed an ESG scoring tool for its private equity investments.

Abris Capital Partners, a private equity firm based in Central Europe, has launched its ESG Scoring Application that tracks more than 500 ESG criteria across each of its portfolio companies looking at specific risks within each company. Each of these 500 inputs is assessed on an annual basis, generating quantitative reports that can then be used to track progress at each company.

The software comprises three main modules: a diagnostic module, a monitoring module and an analytical module. The firm says these platforms together allow Abris to assess the impact of risks and their probability, helping the firm not only to mitigate risks but also to generate value creation. Robert Sroka, Abris ESG Director, says, “With our ESG Scoring Application, we are seeking to go above and beyond what investors require of private equity firms in this area, driving a step change in the way GPs manage ESG within their portfolios and radically improving industry best practice.”