ESG and Corporate Governance

ESG and Corporate Governance is an online training course for corporations and investment managers who need to explore corporate governance within the context of ESG and sustainable investing. The course is delivered from a legal and regulatory perspective and begins by explaining corporate governance basics and what is meant by the stakeholder model of corporate governance. It goes on to examine hard and soft regulation, board decision-making, reporting frameworks and discusses practical solutions to improving corporate governance.

Who should attend: Company board members (exec and non-exec), directors, managers, company secretaries, compliance officers, legal advisors, heads of governance and investor relations, fund managers, and anyone with an interest in corporate governance, company/corporate law and ESG issues.

Schedule: The course takes place on the following days in February and March comprising two hours teaching on each day from 9.30am to 11.45am (UK time) with a 15 minute break.

Thursday, 10 February
Thursday, 24 February
Thursday, 10 March
Thursday, 17 March
Thursday, 24 March
Thursday, 31 March

Please note: The course is recorded so any sessions that cannot be attended can be taken at a later time.



12 Hours



Course Fee:

£1990 + VAT


Corporate Governance Basics

  • Definition and meaning of corporate governance from a regulatory perspective
  • Evolution of corporate governance in the UK, EU and developments globally
  • Regulation: i) hard law (e.g. Companies Act) and ii) soft law (e.g. Codes of Best Practice)
  • The stakeholder model of corporate governance
  • Stakeholder interests and engagement
  • The future regulatory landscape: what you should monitor and which organisations to watch

Corporate Governance & ESG

  • The key themes of “G” in ESG: diversity, remuneration, corruption, risk management
  • How these themes are covered by ESG ratings
  • How these themes are covered by regulation (e.g. EU taxonomy) and codes (e.g. UN SDGs)
  • Focusing on material governance issues for your company
  • Why good corporate governance is central to achieving improvements in “E” and “S”

Board Decision-making & ESG

  • In this session we will consider the extent to which directors must consider the interests of stakeholders during decision-making at board level
  • Board powers and discretion
  • Directors’ duties and remedies
  • Guidance on board effectiveness
  • Due diligence

Reporting and Metrics for ESG

  • In this session we will focus on global frameworks of reporting
  • Detailed discussion of the frameworks and the interaction between them
  • Requirements for the UK and EU
  • Linking reporting with decision-making and accountability: focus on NFRD and the EU taxonomy

Practical Case Study: Board Diversity

  • Board diversity, with a focus on gender
  • UK, EU and global perspectives

Corporate Governance in Action

  • Group work on fictional case studies
  • Developing a plan