Judith Stroehle

Judith Stroehle is a Senior Research Fellow at the Saïd Business School in Oxford and Programme Lead of the Oxford Rethinking Performance Initiative. Judith’s research broadly focusses on the role of finance, accounting, and reporting for implementing responsible business. Her recent work explores issues such as the methods, benefits and challenges of non-financial measurement, sustainable investing and accounting, and ESG engagement strategies, and the relationships between diverse sets of frameworks, standards and measures (ESG, SDG, Integrated Reporting, SASB, GRI, Impact Valuation, etc.). She teaches Accounting and Responsible Business and co-established the Oxford Impact Roundtable for sustainability reporting and accounting in 2018.

Judith holds a doctoral degree (PhD Europeaus) in Economics and Sociology for which she examined the Auditability of Social Standards in Global Supply Chains at the University of Milan in cooperation with the International Labour Office (ILO). Previous to her research track, Judith worked for several years as international business developer in the German online start-up scene and as a data strategy analyst and consultant for international channel marketing. Judith engages and works with several non-profits, companies and asset managers on their non-financial strategies, reporting and measurement practices.