Impact Funds Showcase

Fund Presentations to Institutional Investors

Event Details

Date: 5th October 2021

Duration: 09:00 16:00

Location: Virtual Forum

Ticket Price: £1500 + VAT Register

The Impact Funds Showcase is a virtual interactive forum for investment firms to present their funds to an audience of institutional investors.

The event provides a unique opportunity for firms to discuss their impact fund’s strategy, goals and performance to potential investors including pension funds, family offices, asset owners and insurance companies. The forum offers a 45 minute slot that includes a video presentation, Q&A session and virtual networking with investors. All presentations and fund information can remain on our forum website for 3 months to be viewed by institutional investors after the event.

Benefits of Presenting:

  • Showcase your impact fund to potential investors
  • Communicate your investment strategy
  • Engage with investors in Q&A sessions
  • Connect with potential investors

The event will also feature keynote speakers and experts discussing the latest trends and issues in impact investing.

To book a morning or afternoon presentation slot, follow the registration button and chose your preferred session. Presentations are priced at £1500 + VAT. Once you have registered we will be in contact to agree the scheduled time and details for your presentation.

The event is free to attend for institutional investors.

Should you require further information, please contact us at: or call +44 (0)1483 573150.


Times are UK


09:00 Keynote Speaker

09:30 Fund Presentation 1

10:15 Fund Presentation 2

11:00 Fund Presentation 3


13:00 Keynote Speaker

13:30 Fund Presentation 4

14:15 Fund Presentation 5

15:00 Fund Presentation 6