ESG In-Focus
Autumn 2024

Event Details

Friday 27 September – venue

EV increasing FF emissions
Drilling for hydrogen
Farmland and sustainable ag

Carbon credits would be a good topic

But if looking for a varied conference, then also:

Sustainable agriculture and food production – impact on GHG emissions and biodiversity: what to invest in and what not
Rare earth minerals: can we use them without significant harm?
Latest assessments for climate change – which pathways look most likely and is there any chance of keeping under 1.5/2 (I use this btw, which is excellent:!/software/app-c3s-global-temperature-trend-monitor?tab=app)
Do carbon credits work, which ones are best and how can they be made better
International relations: is there an equitable solution to the climate crisis
Regulatory outlook for UK and EU companies and funds
Litigating against greenwashing
Technological developments panel: e.g. remote sensing and AI
Is ESG the right name?
Update on latest technology in renewable energy
Decarbonising transportation: lorries, cars, ships, and planes


Measuring Scope 3