ESG & Climate Data

Event Details

ESG Data Forum is an online event that will feature talks and presentations on ESG data for professional investors and listed companies. The event will provide attendees with the information they need to understand the latest developments and issues with regard ESG and climate data, along with its use and application.

Attendees will include investment managers, institutional investors, sustainability professionals and climate strategists.

29 September 2022



•    Satellite and GPS imagery
•    Corporate sustainability statements and NLP
•    Artificial intelligence, machine learning & ESG
•    ESG forecasting and forward looking data
•    Climate metrics & alignment scores
•    ESG ratings, indicators & investment drivers 


Özge Sahin, Technische Universität München

Michael Oliver Weinberg
Columbia Business School

ESG Sentiment Index
Yosef Bonaparte
Associate Professor of Finance
CU Denver Business School
University of Miami, Herbert Business School,
Janus Henderson Investors Research Contributor