Sustainability & the Energy Sector 2024

An ESG Investor Day for global investors, analysts & listed companies

Event Details

Sustainability in Energy 2024 is a one-day event where leading experts will discuss the most important issues in ESG and sustainability in the global energy sector. The event will focus on how these issues are impacting both firms and investors, and discuss the most important developments that can be expected in the future.

Industry experts will analyse the sustainability issues that are specific to energy in key areas including the future of deep sea mining and thermal coal production and what increasing demand for green & transitions metals will mean for investors. Also covered will be the increasing importance of biodiversity & natural capital and what new regulations & standards will mean for the energy sector. The impact of energy and climate transition on the sector


Net zero commitments Peak oil & and new oil discoveries
The future of thermal coal
The use of renewables/electricity
Measuring Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Low carbon energy

Exclusion and ESG metrics on energy stocks and funds
ESG regulatory issues for the energy sector
ESG issues in energy sector litigation and disputesPollution greenwashing spills

Sustainability in Energy 2024 features insights from keynote speakers, presentations by listed companies and investors, Q&A sessions and online audience access for 6 months.

Who should attend: Investment managers, intuitional investors, equity and ESG analysts, listed companies, investor relations, sustainability officers.


Dealing with exclusion, divestment and greenwashing Scope 3 emissions reporting and ESG rate improve