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ESG Wire is used by investor relations and media professionals at listed companies to publish their sustainability news. The platform provides enhanced ESG disclosure and reporting directly to institutional investors, fund managers and analysts as part of your company’s sustainability communication strategy. By enabling it to better manage and control the distribution of its ESG information, ESG Wire gives your company the opportunity to maximise the value of its sustainability policies. As a result, investors and stakeholders are provided with your very latest company ESG and sustainability news that is most relevant to them and their decision making.


By publishing your latest sustainability news on ESG Wire, you can:

  • Proactively engage with investors and stakeholders via a fast and easy to use media platform
  • Clearly define and continuously update your ESG strategies and objectives
  • Reach a wider audience and potential investors most receptive to your ESG strategy
  • Raise awareness of your new ESG initiatives and highlight information that is materially relevant
  • Augment your ESG profile and supplement your ESG ratings and scores


As well as publishing periodic sustainability, CSR, corporate governance reports and GRI indexes, you can also publish news and reports on specific ESG themes:

EnvironMent Social Governance
Emissions Employment Stewardship
Energy use Education Remuneration
Waste Health & Safety Community
Water use Diversity & Equality Philanthropy
Biodiversity Labour Relations Supply Chain


ESG Wire can also be used to announce and provide information on company bond issues such as green, social and sustainability bonds.