ESG Tech

ESG Sigma: Consensus ESG Scores and Rankings

ESG Sigma provides consensus estimates and rankings of ESG scores of US and European listed companies in the tech, mining and healthcare sectors.

We survey contributors for their opinions of sector and individual company ESG performance scores to provide investors with an unbiased and accurate representative benchmark of consensus ESG scores and rankings.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance scores and ratings are non-financial factors used by investors to identify the sustainability criteria of listed companies. A lack of standardisation of ESG metrics and scoring methodologies can often mean the rating for a single company can vary widely presenting major challenges for investors. The variance among ESG ratings can be overcome by the use of consensus estimates which reduces the subjectivity in ESG scoring from single source.

The ESG Sigma Report is published every 3 months.


ESG scores are obtained from multiple financial and independent sources:

  • Ratings agencies and ESG data providers
  • Analysts: Broker equity analysts, bank ESG analysts, independent research houses
  • Investors: Fund managers, pension funds and hedge funds
  • Academia: University/business school sustainable finance departments & industry experts

Contributions to the survey are made online via our website and can either be anonymous or with the contributor name and/or company name included.