ESG Professional Services Awards 2023
How to Enter

To submit a nomination:

​1. Please describe in not more than 1000 words (in a Word or PDF document) why your company is deserving of your chosen award category and provide information on your company’s offering with respect to ESG and sustainability services. This can include:

  • A description of the ESG & sustainability services your provide
  • Your team’s experience and expertise in providing these services
  • Information on the scope of services provided and your client reach
  • Examples of the work completed or ongoing including, where possible, client case studies

This file should be named as follows: CompanyName_CategoryName_Nomination.
For example, CompanyName_Law_Nomination.

2. Go to the online nomination page, complete the form and upload your document. We will email you a confirmation of nomination within three days of receipt.

Please Note: All submitted material will remain strictly confidential and will only be accessible to the category’s judges via a password protected page.

​In addition:

1. If you have an online service and would like to provide access as part of your entry, or if you would like to share online information, please include login details or links within the Word / PDF document.

2. If you would like to provide material to support your nomination, for example marketing literature, presentations, reports and/or archived online demonstrations, links may be provided in the Word document.

Alternatively, electronic files can be sent to All submitted files should be named in the following format: CompanyName_CategoryName_DocumentType. For example, CompanyName_Law_TeamBiographies.

​We will email you a confirmation within three business days of receiving your nomination.

If you require more information about The ESG Investing Professional Services Awards 2023 please contact +44 (0)1483 573150 or email