ESG Consulting


ESG Investing offers expert ESG and sustainability consultancy services to listed and non-listed companies. Whatever your company size, sector or location, we offer unparalleled experience and knowledge to help you achieve the goals and outcomes you are looking for. Our advisory services can take place either virtually or at your offices.

We offer expertise in three key areas of ESG, especially tailored to your company, industry and regulatory environment:

Reporting, Regulation & Standards

  • Identifying relevant regulation and standards
  • Quantifying materiality and risk
  • Developing an ESG, sustainability or integrated report
  • Engaging effectively with stakeholders

Improving Sustainability & ESG Ratings

  • Setting ambitious and achievable sustainability goals
  • Putting in place policies and procedures to achieve these goals
  • Understanding how ESG ratings agencies score companies
  • Optimising your company‚Äôs sustainability profile

Climate Reporting, Risk & Scenario Analysis

  • How to build and use climate risk and scenario models
  • Climate alignment and the transition to net zero
  • Quantifying the financial impacts of climate risk
  • Publishing a climate report


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