Corporate ESG Awards 2023
Category Requirements

The category-specific information requested for the Corporate ESG Awards is listed below. Please provide this information as electronic files, links within the 300 word nomination or, if part of a sustainability report, please indicate where the information can be found. Note that links and references to information will not count towards your 300 word count.

ESG Pillars / ESG & Sustainability
With regard to your chosen award category (Climate Transition, DEI, Natural Capital Stewardship, Social Responsibility or overall ESG & Sustainability), please provide information on:

  • Your policies and commitments, including details on how these align with internationally recognised standards and frameworks
  • How you action these policies and commitments within i) your company, ii) your supply chain and/or iii) your clients (where applicable)
  • Outcomes to date and progress made in recent years, including where relevant mention of any science-based targets and the extent to which these are being met
  • Any ongoing projects that will materially impact your effectiveness in this area
  • Recent or ongoing controversies
  • How your company is a leader in ESG & sustainability within your sector

Please provide the following information:

  • A summary of your company’s ongoing sustainability and/or climate reporting activity. This should include details of your disclosure policy, engagement activity and a list of all reporting related publications with an indication of each publication’s frequency
  •  An outline of any changes your company has made to its reporting policies or activities over the past 12 months
  • Information about your company’s reporting methodology and communication strategy
  • Information about outcomes relating to engagement with stakeholders across all areas of corporate sustainability and climate-related corporate policy